Library Mission

The library media center is committed to supporting the school’s mission statement. The library/ media center mission is to collaborate with staff to create meaningful, engaging learning experiences for students, prepare students to ethically use, create, find and share information and to foster a love of
reading encouraging students to become successful lifelong learners.

The Vision

The library is built around the idea that students come first. We are here to help our students to succeed.  Our services are designed to help students discover the joys of reading and encourage life long learning. It is important that students read materials they enjoy, even if it takes a few tries to find the perfect match. The school library is an area for both students and teachers that inspires academic success, is conducive to studying and learning, and promotes the development in a wide range of individual interests.  The library will foster this love of reading by maintaining and constantly develop an up to date and professional collection of resources (both electronic and print) to enhance and improve the library services with quality, age appropriate materials.  The library provides quality resources to assist and facilitate curriculum development. Great teaching (and therefore successful learning) happens when you have teachers who have access to the materials that make lessons interesting and engaging for students.  The library will support the entire school with instructional and professional development, through collaboration and technical support. We are also a proponent for the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights, using the Bill of Rights as a guideline in creating policies and running the library.

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